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Why do people buy LADA Vesta SW, despite the maslozhor – TOP 5 reasons

The budget price of 808,900 – 893,900 rubles does not play a special role.

No matter how many Russians criticize the LADA Vesta SW for “crickets” in the cabin, problems with shifting gears to a manual gearbox and “paper” wheels, the maslozhor is still remains the main drawback, despite which people buy this compact car.

It is worth noting that according to motorists on the Drom portal, LADA Vesta SW, equipped with a 1.8-liter engine and 122 horsepower, eats three liters of oil for 6900 kilometers. This flaw is the head of everything, since the same KIA Rio with a 123-horsepower 1.4-liter unit does not spend more than 1 liter per 10,000 kilometers after running, which is an acceptable norm.

However, dealers on the Bashkort LADA YouTube channel explained why the Russians like LADA Vesta SW so much, on the basis of which it was possible to compile TOP 5 reasons why you can turn a blind eye to this Vesta’s maslozhor.

Firstly, the LADA Vesta SW in the Luxe Multimedia configuration with the aforementioned 16-valve engine and a 5-speed manual gearbox costs 843,900 rubles, but you can invest another 12,000 rubles and order an additional color. For example, in the repertoire of LADA Vesta SW 2020 there is a bright blue “Diving”, which is in demand among Russians.

Also motorists are attracted a large touch screen and the presence of a rear-view camera, which in total with the “airbags” provide the driver and passengers with safety. The same KIA Rio Luxe does not have such a “bun.” Speaking of safety: four pillows are installed in the cabin at once – the driver, passenger and side ones. There is also heated seats, four parking sensors and a luggage bag.

Moreover, single-zone climate control, heated windshield and steering wheel, four power windows and power mirrors, as well as a light and rain sensor, make the LADA Vesta SW comfortable and simple to operate.

By the way, luggage space is 385 liters – with a raised floor to the curtain, 480 liters – without, and 825 liters – with the rear seats folded down. “Kia Rio” has similar volumes, but also costs 61 thousand more.



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