Why does Trump support singer Cher's comments on migrants?


the President Donald Trump found on Monday unusual new ally in his battle against the Democrats for the illegal immigration: the pop star and, in general, fierce criticism Cher.

"I'm finally in agreement with @cher!", tweeted Trump after the singer made public his concerns that City of Los Angeles he is unable to deal with it poor migrants, because it already has deficiencies to manage homeless people

"I understand that I am helping immigrants in difficulty, but MY CITY (Los Angeles) DOESN'T CARE FOR OUR PEOPLE", tweeted Cher on Sunday. "If my state can't take care of them (many are veterans), how can you take care of others?"

Its publication, in which the eccentric use of punctuation, capital letters and grammar are assimilated to those of the famous writing style of the president, have been exploited by the Republicans.

They argue, like Trump, that the illegal migration has reached emergency levels requiring drastic actions. From them, Democrats they say that Trump's policies have created much of the problem and that he exploits tensions for his political advantage.

To prove his point, Trump threatened to send a large number of migrants to the cities and were led by democrats who declared themselves "sanctuaries"for undocumented foreigners, including California.


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