Why Domino’s Decided to Close All Its Restaurants in Italy

Contrary to popular belief, the opening of Dominos to Italy was part of a strategy focused specifically on added value, rather than the idea that we make better pizza than Italians. and that was quick and easy pizza delivery to homes.

considered: the year is 2015. We can make pizza in Italy exactly in Italian style and with Italian ingredients and Italian chefs, moreover, we can offer fast delivery and standard quality. because the average Italian eats pizza 7 times a month and there is no proper online ordering and delivery system.

happening: the year is 2022. just eat, deliveroo (which I used quite a bit during the closure period in italy) etc. services expanded. Domino’s biggest trump card has collapsed.

not: Although Dominos is an American company, it entered Italy by an Italian company and was operated by the Italians.

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