Why had no one explored the hidden face of the moon until now?


China continues to accomplish great feats in space, and although it is not the first time that the Chang probe e-4 visits the Moon, now this device has broken a very special record becoming the first to settle on the hidden face.

This fact was unprecedented, even the Apollo missions had not achieved anything like this before, so many ask: Why was it so difficult to reach this area of ​​the Moon?

According to the scientists, from Earth you can see only 59% of the total surface of the Moon, this is due to the fact that our artificial satellite takes the same time to make a complete turn on itself rather than traveling a complete circle around the Earth.

Since both movements are synchronized perfectly, the hidden face of the Moon was a mystery to the human being, until the Russian probe Luna-3 was able to photograph it for the first time in 1968.

Now the NASA Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter probe has the task of mapping this side of the Moon in detail, but all the exams have always been done at a distance. Therefore, the enterprise of Chang & e-4 is so transcendent.

"Landing on the hidden side of the Moon is more risky than doing it in your area, the ground has caused us many problems, but solving these problems could help us lay the groundwork for future exploration of space," said the head of the probe , Sun Zezhou, according to the Xinhua state news agency.

According to those responsible for this mission, the most complicated part is that in the technical aspect they will have many complications with communication, since the satellite itself blocks the radio signals coming from the Earth, so the approach maneuvers must be performed without any assistance from ground controllers.



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