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Why instead of the new Niva LADA 4×4 it’s better to take a Nissan Terrano from the 90s

The crisis dictates new rules, and why pay more.

Not only has LADA 4×4 already risen in price after modernization and an annual increase in value, the current fall of the ruble is adding fuel to the fire. Yes, and buying a car with the new prices for most Russians may not be a priority. But this does not mean that you need to completely abandon the purchase of a proven “rogue” – there are reasons why it is better to take a Nissan Terrano from the 90s instead of the new Niva LADA 4 × 4.

The new LADA 4×4 from the cabin in a 3-door version costs at least 560 thousand rubles, if you do not get into credit, and the “five-door” will cost 603 thousand. Both, as you know, are equipped with a non-alternative 83-horsepower 1.7 engine and “mechanics”. At the same time, there is Terrano on the secondary market, which Niva is largely unsuitable for. This, of course, is not about the modern twin Renault Duster, but about the first-generation Nissan Terrano, or WD21, which was produced in 1986-1995. In the American market, it was known as the Nissan Pathfinder.

To find such a Nissan Terrano with mileage on the “secondary” in good condition is quite realistic, and it will cost 2-3 times cheaper than the new LADA 4×4. You should not count on honest mileage below 250 thousand km, but for the Japanese Terrano — and these cars were assembled in the Land of the Rising Sun — such mileage is not at all a problem, and the SUV will be in good technical condition, on a solid “four” . And even more right-hand drive options, come across and “left-handed”.

The 1st generation Nissan Terrano was equipped with three powertrain options: a 155-horsepower V6 gasoline engine with a volume of 3 liters, as well as a 2.7-liter diesel engine with 85 and 100 “horses” of varying degrees of boost. Transmissions – 4-speed “mechanics” or “automatic”. Varieties and capacities are already larger than the LADA 4×4.

If we compare the 5-door LADA 4×4 and Nissan Terrano, it turns out that the Niva is 425 kg lighter and the clearance is 1.5 cm higher than the Japanese, but on the roads this difference does not really give it a head start. The fuel consumption of the Niva is on average 10 liters in the combined cycle and 12 liters in the city, while the Terrano will be slightly more economical with a consumption of 8-10 liters. The cost of maintenance and repair for the “Japanese” is also low. In a word, for such money there are no more “jeeps”.

The only problem that the first-generation Nissan Terrano buyer will encounter in the secondary is the search for an SUV with a whole body. If the owner did not monitor the condition of the paintwork and did not do bodywork, then rust will quickly make itself felt. Therefore, it is important to find the “Terrano”, which was a favorite for its owner – then the LADA 4×4 will not have a single advantage over the “Japanese”.



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