Health Why is it good to do squats? Many...

Why is it good to do squats? Many reasons and one rationale

Maybe you are not aware but at the end of the day you do a few squats. Every time you get up from a sitting position you can add one to the counter, although the ideal is that you consider doing them as part of a physical routine because we are talking about an essential exercise with countless benefits.

It is one of the classic exercises to work the lower body, but it is also one of the most complete because it involves several muscle groups and has an important impact on our day to day.

“It is one of the quintessential exercises when we talk about the lower body and it is multi-articular since it involves different muscle groups. Thanks to squats we work quadriceps, to perform knee extension, buttocks, to do the hip extension, hamstrings or ankle musculature, but also the abdominal and back muscles, both in the upper area and in the lower area, ”says Sergio Peinado, graduate in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences and personal trainer.

Squats: benefits and health benefits

  • It is a simple exercise suitable for everyone.
  • Strengthening the lower limbs improves movements and reduces the risk of joint injury,
  • Helps to tone the muscles of the lower body.
  • Strengthens the core.
  • By working the stabilizing muscles, balance and mobility are promoted.
  • Reduces the risk of injury or accident.
  • As more squats are done, a greater range of motion is achieved.
  • It is a basic exercise for athletes as it improves explosiveness.
  • It is a functional exercise that should not be underestimated since sitting down and getting up, or bending down to gain weight, is something we do in our day to day.
  • It is a very interesting exercise for older people and their autonomy.
  • Helps train strength, endurance and fat burning.
  • It is very versatile since by modifying the speed and weight (with or without load) it can be adjusted to the type of training necessary.

It is very important that before doing the barbell squat, we learn to do it correctly with our body weight because we must learn the technique to minimize the risk of injury ”, concludes Peinado.

The ultimate reason to squat

The squat is a natural exercise. No more. And as such, it is a fundamental part of our routine and over the years it is one of the main dependency problems. And is that If the time comes you want to maintain your autonomy for things as basic as getting out of bed, sitting down, going to the toilet, lifting weight or getting in and out of a car, among other actions, you should worry about not losing your capacity or autonomy. And it is in this aspect where squats play a fundamental role.

It is not about thinking of the squat as an essential physical exercise for athletes who need to improve speed or strength by lifting significant loads. The really important thing is to understand that if you don’t foster that innate human capacity today, it may be too late later. Think about it.


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