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A educational campaign devised the plan to give a euro in satoshis to the top Spanish legislators so they could understand the technology. Beyond the media impact, campaigns like these could be positive for the industry in general.

This week we saw how the Spanish Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero presented the new tax regulation that will affect cryptocurrencies. The plan proposed by the Spanish government hangs on a continuous surveillance of the belongings and operations made by users of cryptocurrencies within the Iberian territory in order to be able to fight against tax evasion at any cost.

This reform, proposed by the Spanish Council of Ministers and now in the hands of the legislative body to vote for its approval, is presented just days after an initiative that focused on giving each Spanish MP 1 euro in Bitcoin so that you know how the technology behind the main crypto asset really works.

Making MPs learn by doing

As the promoters of this initiative mentioned to this medium, what is sought is make Spanish MPs learn about what technology is blockchain and the one related to cryptocurrencies in its own way, with lived experiences that allow you to evaluate the real scope that these assets can have in people’s lives.

Precisely, at times like these where will decide on a regulation that may affect the future of the crypto industry within the European country, a deputy who understands by conscience and not by a biased report can make a difference.

Regulation is inevitable

The maturation of the crypto market is advancing at sustainable rates. Lthe entrance of the institutional money that Square, MicroStrategy Y Grayscale have been exercising in the market shows that cryptocurrencies are becoming mature and reliable assets.

However, along with the growth of institutional money, scams and frauds have also been growing. Particularly in Spain we can see the emergence of Arbistar, Kuailian, Mind Capital and others projects of dubious reputation that hide between the legal framework and the various gaps that exist to take advantage of users.

This scenario shows the need for regulation, but nevertheless, the community’s commitment is maintained in a proposal consistent with the freedom and independence that Bitcoin raises for citizens, as the raised by renowned bitcoiner educator Andreas Antonopoulos. A proposal that can provide tools for those affected in the event that more cases like Arbistar reappear within the market but keep the freedom that this type of asset offers.

The only way that laws are obtained that in one way or another are sane with this reality of Bitcoin is that they are achieved have educated legislators and this will only be achieved by showing the true qualities of BTC as a currency and as an asset with initiatives such as those carried out by Tutellus and the Blockchain Observatory.

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