Why is Venus rarely visited by spacecraft? Turns out this is the reason


Even though it is a neighbor to Earth, Venus cannot be visited by humans because its atmosphere contains carbon dioxide.

Bobo.id – Venus is one of Earth’s closest neighbors in the Solar System, apart from Mars. However, Venus has never been visited by humans or spaceship without you.

Whereas Mars is also the closest planet to Earth, always researched by humans to date.

Humans have found interest and lessons from Planet Mars since the 1960s.

Reported from National Geographichumans want to explore Mars because the planet was once able to host an ecosystem for microbial life today.

Venus, which is also sometimes considered Earth-like, has never been visited by humans for several reasons.

Can We Take a Trip to Venus?

This question can be answered with a detailed scientific explanation so that we know why we can’t visit Venus.

In 1967, the Soviet probe Venera 4 became the first mission to successfully plunge into the Venusian clouds safely.

Why did it only make it to the clouds, and not the planet’s surface? The surface of the planet Venus, is made of carbon dioxide and a few percent nitrogen.

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