Why KIA Rio – the best car for 400,000 rubles


The surveyor is convinced that for this money you can't take anything cooler.

A brief review appeared on the channel of the blogger Anton Nosov, during which he spoke about his impressions of the KIA Rio in 2011. The blogger had the idea of ​​determining the best machine from the "secondary" at a price up to 400000 rubles, and after Hyundai Solaris and Volkswagen Polo the Korean bestseller's turn came.

The second-generation KIA Rio, despite 8 years of fairly active driving, managed to drive only 115,000 kilometers, and this despite the fact that the car had only one owner. The "Korean" does not suffer from serious bodywork problems: the factory color seems even bright enough even now, suggesting that this machine has every chance of driving the same amount.

The surveyor came across a rare KIA Rio equipment: he supplied not only other disks, but also a good factory alarm with automatic start, in addition to climate control instead of a simple air conditioner, while the engine was standard , aspirated from 95 horses.

The author of the video had no comment on the power unit, gearbox and chassis, and a couple of nuances in the bodywork were not considered as critical, especially since the car was already 8 years old and expected to be small defects. Operational scratches on the bumpers were found and a rather deep dent in the roof was caused by a stone flying from under the wheels of the oncoming car.

Summarizing his concise review, the driver admitted that he expected KIA Rio for 400,000 rubles – much worse, especially knowing how most car owners and bloggers scolded her on the net, but in reality, according to driver, "Korean" is the best option available in that budget.



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