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Why LADA Granta FL in the back of a pickup truck is a shameful spot in the domestic auto industry – network

“But such a pickup is not afraid of water crossings – it certainly won’t drown,” motorists joke.

It’s no secret that LADA Granta was developed to replace the aging “classics” of the AvtoVAZ line. The car really has become more comfortable, safer and more modern, but at the same time, it has slightly grown in price against the background of its “brothers”. Nevertheless, the manufacturer positioned the “Grant” as a budget car for the people, because foreign competitors simply do not find offers more profitable.

After restyling in 2018, LADA Granta became a real bestseller of the Russian car market among cars. The prefix FL appeared in the name, the body received an X-shaped design with a redesigned front bumper, and the robotic box acquired additional modes. In addition, the updated “Grants” expanded the list of modifications. So, together with the usual sedan and liftback, the manufacturer introduced the hatchback and station wagon into the lineup.

However, on Russian roads, you can sometimes find LADA Granta FL in an unusual pickup truck body. Few people know that such pickups are not the work of AvtoVAZ itself, but of its subsidiary, VIS-Avto. These pickups are called VIS-2349, they have been produced since 2012, and sales are carried out through a network of LADA dealers. It is worth noting that since 2018, the VIS-2349 has been produced with a modernized cabin in order to comply with the updated style of the Granta passenger model.

Utility VIS pickups of the new generation consist of the front of the body, taken from the Grant, and a half-frame welded to it, on which the rear reinforced suspension and superstructure are mounted. In addition to the updated “face”, the pickup truck got a new interior panel, and the technical part remained unchanged: a 1.6-liter engine with a return of 87 horsepower, which is combined with a 5-speed manual transmission. The cost of the updated VIS-2349 starts at 684,500 rubles.

Users on the network are convinced that the LADA Granta FL in the back of a pickup truck is a shameful spot in the domestic auto industry. Even if you do not take into account the fact that the open side body on pickups in Russia is not very popular, as well as the fact that the pickup body itself is not in demand among consumers, for exactly the same money you can buy a car from the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant, UAZ Pickup, which significantly surpasses “Semigrant” in technical terms. So, under the hood of the “Patrick-Pickup” a gasoline 2.7-liter unit with a capacity of 135 and 150 “horses” is installed, in addition, an automatic transmission is provided as a transmission, which the VIS pickup truck cannot boast of.

“Only we can drive a box into our car and say that it is a pickup truck,” “Like a vaz toilet, it remained like that”, “Close this nonsense plant and burn it!” – such unflattering comments are left by social network users.



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