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Why Megahn really shows the cold shoulder to the boulevard

Harry and Meghan boycott British tabloids

Prince Harry and his wife Meghan want to avoid any contact with the most important British tabloids in the future. The couple sees their dignity violated by their reporting.


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are fed up with the tabloids. For those who find the boycott exaggerated, there are clearly understandable reasons for this step.

So you’ve made serious again. After Prince Harry and Meghan Markle officially said goodbye to the first row of British royals on April 1, they now made the next consequent break. The Sussexes will boycott parts of the British press in the future. In concrete terms, they informed the four tabloids “Sun”, “Daily Mail”, “Mirror” and “Express” in a letter that they would “no longer cooperate” with them.

Inquiries from journalists from these newspapers will henceforth be ignored by both the couple and their press team, according to the letter that the BBC reproduced in full on its website. This step is not surprising, Harry and Meghan have long been at war with the boulevard.

So far, so well known. Even if there are voices now that the Sussexes are strung too tenderly and would have to endure something as a public figure: It is understandable that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle show the cold shoulder to the tabloid press.

At least if you bothered to research British tabloid headlines in recent years. Nobody has to do that, Buzzfeed.com thankfully did the work. Even more: reporter Ellie Hall compared how differently “Sun”, “Daily Mail”, “Mirror” and “Express” report about Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton.

The tenor: Kate does everything right, Meghan does everything wrong. It is striking to see the different light in which the press products can leave two people who are basically doing the same thing. Three examples.

Avocado gate

An avocado, as the «Express» 2017 wrote, can be a green fruit – and a cute gift for a pregnant duchess who likes to eat it for breakfast – if her name is Kate.

An avocado can be tasty or a bad fruit. Depending on who eats them.

Screenshot Buzzfeed.com

Less than two years later, this time Meghan Markle is pregnant and has an appetite for an avocado, it sounds quite different: «The pregnant Duchess of Sussex (…) devours a fruit that has been linked to lack of water, illegal deforestation and general environmental degradation becomes.”

Who is right to their own picture?

When Kate and William started their own companies to market official fan articles themselves, the Daily Mail thought it was pretty clever. In 2014, the paper headlined that it would only protect their trademark rights.

Clever or greedy? It depends on who secures his trademark rights.

Screenshot Buzzfeed.com

Harry and Meghan did that too. This time, in January 2020, the same newspaper was less enthusiastic. “They want to stamp their names on objects such as T-shirts, hoodies and gloves” and “make a fortune” with them.

Beautiful lily of the valley, evil lily of the valley

Even with banalities such as the selection of flowers for the bridal bouquet, the tabloid press had different perceptions. Both Kate and Meghan chose lily of the valley for their packaging. Kate’s “Express” thought that was very splendid and texted poetically about the “return of happiness” for which the flowers stood.

One joy, the other suffering: lily of the valley in the change of perspective.

Screenshot Buzzfeed.com

In contrast, the analysis of Meghan’s bridal bouquet focused on the life-threatening situation for the flower children. Lily of the valley is poisonous and the “Express” was proud to “reveal that children’s crowns are made from flowers that can be fatal to children in particular.”

Contact only in court

By the way, Meghan is currently suing “Mail on Sunday” for publishing excerpts from a personal letter to her father, Thomas Markle. British media have already quoted from court documents.

Among other things, according to the PA news agency, it contains text messages that Harry and Meghan sent to Thomas Markle a few days before their wedding in May 2018. The 75-year-old had temporarily canceled his dream wedding because of heart problems.

He later complained in interviews that the two had not cared about his health problems. However, the text messages suggest that both Meghan and Harry were desperately trying to contact Thomas Markle.

Harry also filed a lawsuit against the publishers of “Sun” and “Mirror” last autumn for allegedly listening to his cell phone mailbox. The allegations relate to a time in the past.

From TV actress to royal bride: Meghan Markle

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