Why not preventively emptying the Eupen dam? Minister Philippe Henry responds

After the disaster, some point to the management of dams in our country during the precipitation of recent days. On the RTL set, Damien Ernst, computer engineer and professor at the University of Liège, for example spoke of a “colossal error” in the management of the Eupen dam. According to him, this dam should normally have made it possible to control the flow of the Vesdre if it had been emptied preventively.

Questioned by our colleagues from Sudpresse, Philippe Henry returns to this management and explains himself. The Walloon Minister of Infrastructures and Mobility indicates that the IRM forecasts only spoke of “150 mm of water per m² over the entire province of Liège and over three days“. “However, the dam has a capacity of 25 million m³ and was, at that time, half full. It could therefore absorb all the expected rains”, he says. However, by Wednesday, the Eupen dam was full. “It accumulated in 48 hours 13.4 million m³ because the rains were exceptional”, recalls the regional minister.

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