Why Only Female Mosquitoes Suck Human Blood?

TEMPO.CO, JakartaMosquito scattered throughout the world there are about 3,500 different species. Of the thousands of species, did you know that the mosquito that sucks blood is the female mosquito?

Reported from the medlineplus.gov page, Thursday, July 29, 2021, female mosquito biting animals and humans and drinking some of their blood. This is because they need protein and iron present in the blood to produce eggs.

After drinking animal or human blood, female mosquitoes will look for puddles of water around them. Then, they will lay their eggs in the puddle. The eggs then hatch into larvae. Then, it turns into a pupa. After that, only then becomes an adult mosquito.

Female mosquitoes can live up to several months and hibernate in winter. While male mosquitoes only live about one week to ten days.

Another reason, reported by the Elevate Pest Control page, is that male and female mosquitoes also have different anatomy. Unlike the male mosquito, the female mosquito’s mouth contains small, sharp needle-like parts that allow it to penetrate the skin.

Once the needle is stuck into the victim’s skin, the tube in his mouth allows him to drain blood from nearby blood vessels. These parts work so well, you won’t even notice you’ve been bitten by a mosquito until a lump appears.


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