Why Óscar Puente and not Pedro Sánchez: "Only five or six people knew about it; Feijóo had to be gored"

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The decision was made a few days ago. “With enough time for it to turn out well.” A decision with the approval of Pedro Sánchez. “It is always the president who decides,” his team notes. That Oscar Puente, former mayor of Valladolid, would be the one who responded to Alberto Núñez Feijóo “five or six people knew it.” “Those who knew can be counted on the fingers of one hand,” says a person close to Sánchez. At the early morning meeting of the socialist parliamentary group, deputies were not told who would speak. Hermeticism. Secrecy. “You couldn’t tell because it leaked.” “A spectacular blow, but one that may also have contraindications,” admit socialist sources.

Because the decision that Sánchez avoided the face-to-face meeting with Feijóo and had it carried out by a rank-and-file deputy was a double-edged sword. The socialist leader did intervene in the motion of censure promoted by Vox, and starring Ramon Tamames, which was also known to have no chance. But yesterday they opted for a socialist deputy to do it.

«The tone has also been very internal»; “a speech to motivate the party,” say party officials consulted by this newspaper. “For my taste too harsh unnecessarily in some parts,” dissects a socialist baron. Government sources concede that it could have been a “hurtful” intervention, but “because of the crudeness of what he was saying.”

«The lack of respect is theirs, for asking for more than a month, for appealing to turncoats… The position has been set by a socialist deputy. We understand that they did not find it very funny,” explained Sánchez’s team. “It is not institutional discredit, it is tactics,” they defend from the socialist engine room. «We are not concerned about the issue of incivility. The important thing is that so many truths have never been told. Óscar has been a snowplow,” say sources from La Moncloa.

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