Why should Manchester United pull Kim Min-Chae to join the army???

1. To be honest, the existing centre-backs are not strong enough to chase success.

Raphael Varane has passed the water splash. Plus it hurts easily and hurts often.

Victor Lindelof is still not up to the mark, while Harry Maguire should be able to go and sell the duo.

Alone, Lisandro Martinez, alone is not enough. Need to find a classy defensive back to help another person

2. As far as I have seen the playing form of this ginseng player

He should be able to survive in the hardcore battles of the Premier League. With a tall, muscular figure, aggressive and strong playing style

only not enough

Tee Kim also receives the ball well. Suitable for the style of playing modern football according to the concept of Erik ten Hag.

3. The damage is not so severe that it is ugly.

Reports say that Oppa Kim has a release clause in his contract with Napoli at £45million.

And if there is a ‘release clause’ according to the news, it means that the agency has no right to restrain this player as well.

4. Korea Fever

Manchester United has not had an Asian player for a long time.

Having players from the Far East also has a marketing effect.

If the quality is tight ass as well, even better because it is like shooting two birds with one stone

Think about how well his shirt will sell well???

“Bo. Boo”

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2023-05-24 00:08:00

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