Why should you move your bank payroll from time to time?

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Finding a good bank is not easy. Furthermore, what may work well for one client may be a nightmare for another. Therefore, when we find our banking half orange, we settled. However, leaving our payroll in the same bank for a lifetime makes us lose money or, rather, opportunities to earn it.

The banking sector is like the telephone sector. It is full of offers, but they are generally only for new customers, that is, for those who are willing to change from one entity to another. That’s why, Moving payroll from one bank to another from time to time can make us earn a lot of money. Right now, some banks are giving away up to 400 euros to new customers who open an account and direct deposit their income, explain the experts from the financial products comparator HelpMyCash.com, who have analyzed which are the best payroll accounts From the market.

Gifts are not the only incentives to attract new payrolls. Some banks also provide profitability. In reality, each entity adds the advantages it considers to attract new users. Of course, when choosing an account it is not enough to look only at the incentive, but “It is advisable to read carefully the small letter from accountespecially information related to commissions and product conditions,” they explain in HelpMyCash.

Santander Bank give away up to 400 euros. New customers who open a Santander Online Account and direct deposit a payroll or pension of at least 600 euros and two receipts will receive 300 euros. And if the income is 2,500 euros or more, the gift increases to 400 euros. In exchange for the bonus, you must stay for two years. The account has no fees and includes a free debit card.

The Sabadell Online Accountalso for new clients, combine a gift with profitability. On the one hand, just by opening the account the client enjoys a return of 2.5% APR up to 30,000 euros for one year, so they can earn up to 750 euros in interest. And if you decide to direct deposit a payroll, a pension or unemployment of at least 700 euros, you take 200 additional euros as a gift. The account and debit card have no fees.

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