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Why the new Changan CS75 Plus does not “kill” the Nissan X-Trail

The Japanese crossover is still holding on tightly.

Recently appeared Chinese news turned out to be ambitious – they immediately began to claim leadership in the Russian market. However, you should not think that the primacy of “heavenly” cars will get easy, as recognized leaders are not going to give up.

This belief is also true for Changan CS75 Plus, which decided that it could “bury” the Nissan X-Trail. In fact, the Japanese crossover will be able to hold its ground for a long time, while the “Chinese” will be looking for its audience.

Why is the popular XTrail so good? It should be noted that the Japanese crossover received a stylish design that continues to attract car enthusiasts, while the Changan CS75 Plus can cause a repulsive experience due to the abundance of luxury – too expensive appearance is also considered a minus. Also, the Nissan X-Trail looks more aggressive than the “Celestial” competitor.

The interior of the Nissan X-Trail is made in bright colors and is famous for the high-quality quality of finishing materials, while the bright and unusual design of the interior of the Chinese crossover can not yet boast of a long-lasting finish. But on the other hand, the “Chinese” is not inferior in terms of equipment to the Japanese competitor – both cars are endowed with progressive multimedia installations, multi-wheels and climate control with touch control.

In technical terms, the Nissan X-Trail wins, which has an extensive engine range – under the hood of the XTrail, gasoline units with volumes of 2.0 and 2.5 liters for 144 and 171 horsepower, as well as a 1.6-liter 130-horsepower turbodiesel are located . A Chinese competitor is offered with a single 1.8-liter 163-horsepower gas turbine. As for the X-Trail engines, their reliability and quality leaves no doubt – such plants are time-tested and nursed up to 400,000 km without major repairs. This can not be said about the longevity of the Changan engines, although the motors have earned a reputation on the home market as unkillable.

The Chinese crossover received only an automatic transmission, the longevity of which cannot yet be confirmed, while the Nissan X-Trail was equipped with a reliable manual transmission and CVT, which requires careful driving. In this regard, XTrail also outperformed Changan CS75 Plus. At the same time, both cars are equipped with front-wheel drive and four-wheel drive.

For Changan CS75 Plus will have to pay from 1,400,000 rubles, and the Nissan X-Trail will cost 1,700,000 rubles. Nothing is known about the former, while the reliability and quality of the latter are known to the Russians. Thus, the new “celestial” crossover will not “kill” “Changan” – the prestigious and brutal “Chinese” is far from leadership.



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