Why the Sun is Called the Greatest Energy Source on Earth

Why is the Sun Called the Greatest Energy Source on Earth?, Photo: Pixabay
Have you ever asked, “Why Sun called the largest energy source on earth? Physics book for SMP/MTs Class IX (KTSP), Budi Suryatin, (2005: 183), not only on earth, the sun is also the largest source of energy in the Milky Way Galaxy, you know.

Therefore, humans use the sun’s heat for various purposes, such as to generate electricity. In addition, the sun is also a source of formation of vitamin D, which is a source of nutrition for humans.

Morning sunlight emits ultraviolet rays which our body processes into vitamin D which is useful for increasing our body’s calcium metabolism.

Why is the Sun Called the Greatest Energy Source on Earth?

Why is the Sun Called the Greatest Energy Source on Earth?, Photo: Pixabay
The sun is called energy largest on earth because:
  1. Plants, which are the main producers on earth, photosynthesize using solar energy. They form the basis of the food chain which provides food for all higher biotic components.

  2. The sun warms the earth’s surface and warms the air above it, causing wind. That way, humans can use wind as a new energy source that is more environmentally friendly.

  3. The water that is evaporated by the sun forms clouds which then become rain that flows into rivers, so that humans can use them as a source of energy. In addition, this water also irrigates the plants, thus indirectly maintaining the life of the tama producers on this planet.

  4. Humans get heat energy from the sun, whose rays can be used to generate electricity from solar cells or what is commonly referred to as photovoltaic.

  5. Solar radiation controls the weather, thus providing a habitable environment for every inhabitant of the Earth.

In addition to the sun, heat energy sources can also be obtained from geothermal alias geothermal. Released from the earth’s core, this heat can come out in the form of hot water, volcanic craters, magma, and geysers.

Geothermal can also be used to drive a generator to generate electricity. If geothermal energy also provides heat energy, then why is the sun called the largest energy source in the world? Earth? Because of the 5 reasons (functions) of the sun being referred to as the largest energy source earlier, geothermal is only able to replace the function of the sun for number 4, not all of them. (BRP)


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