Why This Smart Girl and ‘Golden Child’ Killed Her Parents? Check out the story below

TRIBUN-MEDAN.COM – Every parent would want a child who can be proud and become a brilliant figure.

To realize this desire, parents often make various efforts so that their children become individuals who are able to compete.

But some parents are so pushy that it makes their children depressed.

Likewise with the tragic case experienced by this young girl who was desperate to kill her own parents.

Reported Elitereaders, a tragic case claimed the lives of the parents of a girl named Jennifer Pan.

The mother died, and the father was almost killed by an assassination attempt.

What makes it sad is that the mastermind behind this murder plan is none other than Jennifer herself.

This girl who is famous for being a genius is desperate to kill her parents’ lives because of depression and is demanded to continue to be an outstanding child in school.

Jennifer Pan is known as the ‘golden child’ in the eyes of her parents.

He was an outstanding student during his studies at Catholic High School, and easily graduated as a Bachelor of Pharmacy from the University of Toronto Canada which is known as a favorite campus.

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