Why Volkswagen Refuses to Stop Making Manual Transmission Cars

Volkswagen continues to bet on the manufacture of manual transmission cars, even though the market trend has turned to automatic transmission cars

Manufacturers of cars they always seek to adapt to new trends, both in exterior design and interior equipment of the vehicle. Most brands have chosen to make cars with automatic transmissionBecause the benefits offered by this type of transmission facilitate the drivers’ driving experience.

Volkswagen It has adopted this trend to a certain extent, since it is always in search of satisfying the needs of its customers, however, it is just for this reason that the German car brand refuses to stop manufacturing vehicles with manual transmission, because it ensures that as long as there is demandThey will continue to produce this type of car for their clients.

According to the Mexican newspaper El Universal, Matthias Rabe, chief technology officer of VolkswagenHe shared that “many people enjoy going back to their roots with the manual gear shift, so as long as there is demand for these vehicles, we will continue to offer them.”

One of the brand’s cars that has a manual transmission is the Golf GTI. This hatchback was presented with a diesel variant, in addition to versions GTD Y GTE. However, Volkswagen also launched the seven-speed, dual-clutch automatic version.

Other models of the brand that have manual transmission are the Up! GTI, and the GTI Polo, both vehicles in great demand on the European continent.


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