“Wiadomości” TVP or “Fakty” TVN? There are new viewership results

Although the president of TVP Jacek Kurski he often boasts of the results of his formats, not based on the Nielsen Audience Measurement data, accepted by other broadcasters, but on the MOR measurement method. In recent months, according to Nielsen, the leading position did not belong to any of the services of Telewizja Polska, but to TVN’s “Fakt”, which Piotr Kraśko emphasized on the air.

“Wiadomości” TVP or “Fakty” TVN? There are new viewership results

From the November survey by portal Wirtualnemedia.pl however, it appears that none of the major TV players is in the first position. The winner is “Teleexpress” with an average viewership of 2.98 million people and a market share of 27.52 percent.

The average viewership of “Fakty” on TVN and TVN24 BiS was 2.95 million. It is true that in November all websites saw a clear drop in viewership, but in the case of “Fakt” it decreased the most in the ranking, by as much as 16.11 percent, or 567 thousand. people. This gave TVN 22.26 percent. market share and second place in the ranking.

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The main TVP service is on the third position. In November, “Wiadomości” had an average viewership of 2.88 million people and a market share of 21.24%. Here, too, you can see a decline of 5.63 percent. The “Events” of Polsat and Polsat News are fourth, and the “Panorama” of TVP2 and TVP Info are fifth.

TVN24 or TVP Info? Viewership results in October 2021

In October, TVN24 was the most watched news channel in the country, reaching 5.1%. audience in the over four years old category. In the 16-49 age group, TVN24 also maintained its leadership position, reaching 3.0 percent in October. market.

The average daily share of TVN24 in October 2021 was 5.05%, the average monthly result of TVP Info 4.39%, Polsat News was in third place with a share of 1.48%.

TVN, giving again beneficial for myself results, emphasized that TVP Info is a terrestrial television with 99.5% coverage, and TVN24 reaches approx. 60%. households.

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