Wife Has No Money for Entrance Fees, Her Husband Died Outside the Hospital

GUNA, KOMPAS.com – one husband di Madhya Pradesh, India, reported died outside hospital because of si wife don’t have money to take care of entry fee.

The man named Sunil Rajak was lying under a tree for 12 hours, with his wife not having 5 rupees, or Rp. 977.

The incident occurred in the city of Guna, with local media reporting that Rajak’s wife, Aarti, said no one helped her after her husband died.

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Only after an hour later, someone was ready to help manage the husband’s body, it was reported Gulf News Saturday (7/25/2020).

Aarti revealed the incident on July 22, where her husband fell ill and he immediately laid him under a tree while he was taking care of the entrance fee.

“I immediately went inside and there was someone at the counter who told me to pay the parcha,” Aarti said.

She then stated that her husband was still breathing and needed help. But no one came to help them.

“Even after he died, I continued to wait for an hour before finally someone was willing to help,” he continued.

Former Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Kamal Nath, through his Twitter account expressed outrage over events that occurred in Guna.

She commented on how Aarti was struggling to save her husband while holding her child when asking for help.

“He was not handled because he did not have 5 rupees to pay the entrance fee. He then died in front of his wife,” denounced Nath.

Local media reports had quoted local officials as saying that getting admission at a government-owned hospital was free.

But Aarti claimed that when she entered, there was someone who immediately asked her to pay. So, he was forced to go back to get it.

The Guna government stated that they had ordered the authorities to conduct an investigation into this incident.

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