Wife wants to receive maternity benefits after giving birth… only to find out that “bigamy of the person next to the pillow” is rejected | Tell the truth | International | CTWANT

After giving birth, the wife needs to receive maternity benefits, but is told that her husband and other women are “still married.” (Schematic diagram / flip from pixabay)

There is a wife surnamed Wang in Songjiang, Shanghai, China. She wanted to receive maternity benefits after giving birth recently. It turned out that the husband surnamed Wei and other women were still “married”, that is to say, there were 2 wives, and neither party found out about the husband. Abnormal, until this matter did not come to light.

After giving birth, the princess went to the social security center to receive maternity benefits, but was told by the staff: “Your husband is still married to another woman”, so she could not receive it. After investigation, it was learned that Wei Nan had divorced Wang Nv once before, married Yin Nv the following year, and had a daughter. However, in 2020, he contacted Wang Nv to live again and went through remarriage procedures.

Since Mr. Wei has to travel for many years for work, he rarely returns home a year, so neither of the two women noticed any problems. In this regard, Wei Nan confessed that he knew that bigamy was against the law. After he proposed a divorce to Wang Nu, he was rejected, and then he made up reasons to divorce Yin Nu. Yin Nu was dissatisfied and called the police. Wei Nan is currently being prosecuted for bigamy.

Neither of the two women knew that her husband had bigamed. (Schematic diagram / flip from pixabay)

After the news was exposed, it sparked a lot of discussion, and many netizens wondered: “I don’t understand why I can’t see whether I have been married when I register. Is the national marriage registration system not connected to the Internet?”, “Is the marriage registration not connected to the Internet? Then the registered What is the meaning? Can a person get married multiple times in multiple places?”, “Why can it be successful when remarried? Is it so magical?”

In addition, many people were bitter, “It’s funny to get this certificate”, “Who will dare to get married in the future”, “Is it possible that the Civil Affairs Bureau system just wants everyone to remarry and have more children.”

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