Wil Anderson and Andy Lee discuss their feud on the Wilosophy podcast


Wil Anderson and Andy Lee opened their long feud feud in a brutally honest interview.

Andy is the most recent guest of Wil's famous podcast, Wilosophyand it didn't take long for the TV and radio star to bring a delicate subject to the guest.

"I want to collect something with you, which is quite interesting," said Andy. "Hamish and I haven't liked you for a long, long time."

The bad blood between Andy and Wil dates back to the early 2000s when Hamish and Andy arrived in a Channel 7 television commercial.

"We were the last cast members of what was supposed to be a sketched show called Big bite"Said Andy on the podcast.

In the cast were Andrew O & # 39; Keefe, Chris Lilley and Kate McCartney, some of whom were friends of Wil.

Shortly before the show's launch, Channel 7 decided to name the show Hamish and Andy instead, a move that shocked the cast.

"As a 21-year-old in our first gig, going out and seeing everyone who's there watching you go, & # 39; You just stole our fucking show, we tried talking to people, and it turned out to be in a train accident, "said Andy. "It was a horrible experience."

The other cast members were so angry with Hamish and Andy that they started dissembling them to their friends, Wil included.

"C & # 39; it was a lot of people to which you guys had been imposed," said Wil Wilosophy. "You guys are young, and you were put on a show where I knew a lot of people who were involved in the show, and some of them weren't happy that these two guys were involved in this show, so I was getting a lot of stories. "

The show was cut after only six weeks and Wil, who was hosting The glass house on ABC and a Triple J radio show, they started mocking Hamish and Andy on the air.

"What for Hamish and I was the hard thing at the time was that we were really trying, and then the shows I loved and listened to, I was becoming a regular joke," said Andy.

"One day my mom phoned and said:" What did you do to Wil Anderson? "I said," Mom, I never met you. " : "He doesn't really like them".

Andy and Wil finally met for the first time in a restaurant in Sydney, but it didn't go well.

"I said," Hey, it's Andy from Hamish and Andy. And you said something along the lines of: "Oh yes, when I show people to my house, I say this is the kitchen of Hamish and Andy for the amount of money I made at the jokes on you two, "Andy said.

"I was like, & # 39; Okay, nice, nice to meet you & # 39; and left. I called Ham (ish) and said," Wil is a fucking head like you'd never imagine! "

The feud intensified when Wil was announced as co-host of the Triple M national driving show along with Lehmo, which means he would be in direct competition with Hamish and Andy.

"Ham called me (after the announcement) and just said," We'll absolutely tear these kids to pieces! ", Remember Andy.

"By the way, you did," Wil added.

Looking back at the ugly blood, Wil said, "I know I acted like a head.

"I thought it was funny, I thought I was very clever … For me I felt I was punching, I thought of making fun of commercial TV while in retrospect I understand … you were just guys trying to do a good job and trying to work hard to be punched.

"I had forgotten that Hamish and Andy were actually people, not a brand or a symbol of something but real people," Wil said.

The comedian, who currently co-hosts Hot breakfast at the Triple M in Melbourne, he told Andy that he changed his mind about him when he first saw how hard he worked.

"The big thing that came to me was the realization when I started listening to your radio show that you weren't what I felt you were," said Wil to Andy. "I kept hearing how hard you worked, and if it's something I admire, it's hard work."

Wil admitted he was apprehensive about inviting Andy to appear Wilosophy given the way he had treated in the past, but in the end, he found the interview as cathartic.

"For me it is something that I have always carried around a fair, and I have always felt despite the fact that we are now friendly, we have not been able to become friends because we had not had this conversation," said Wil.

You can listen to the full interview with Andy Lee in Wil Anderson's Wiltsophy

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