Wild Night movie review. This Santa is not a saint

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It is better not to hit this particular Santa’s list of naughty adults. The bearded old man from Tommy Wirkola’s film is not in the habit of waving a rod. He prefers to wreak havoc with a powerful hammer and throw grenades at troublemakers. “Stranger Things” star David Harbor, parading in a red suit, organizes an on-screen demolition worthy of John Wick, and in the brutal and comical alternation of “Wild Night” we get a crazy mix of “Home Alone”, “Die Hard” and “Bad Santa”. . Another Christmas classic was born, which, however, is not appropriate to sit down to with the family and sipping hot tea.

We know the traps set by young Kevin by heart, overly sugary romantic comedies cause a disturbingly high excess sugar, and John McClane’s stunts, watched a hundred times, don’t make the heart beat so fast anymore. Christmas cinema got stuck some time ago in an airtight bubble, which Tommy Wirkola is now bursting with a bang with his latest film. His “Wild Night” is a dream Christmas present for all those who appreciate genre acrobatics and love black humor sprinkled with a solid portion of screen violence. This film is like Christmas Eve borscht seasoned with handfuls of pepper. The taste of Christmas can be felt, but the power in this dish is almost hellish.

This Santa is not a saint

Tummy, glasses, red suit, gray beard. This Santa (David Harbour) at first glance resembles many good old men known from Christmas stories. This seemingly nice image, however, does not quite match the mug of beer that the saint enjoys in one of London’s pubs. It is in such circumstances that we meet the main character of “Wild Night”. Bitter, annoyed with the fact that children believe in him less and less and demand cash instead of gifts, and definitely tipsy, he gets on his sleigh and sets off on another Christmas mission.

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After a while, he is squeezing through the chimney of the magnificent Lightstone residence, where little Trudy is waiting for him. A routine visit is suddenly interrupted by a series of gunshots. A band of skilled mercenaries is attacking the estate and taking the rich people who live there hostage. Santa initially tries to sneak away, but seeing the concerned face of a little girl calling him over the walkie-talkie, he decides to stay. Unfortunately, criminals who do not yet realize what hell on earth the gray-bearded man will prepare for them.

Christmas movie of strong emotions

“Wild Night” is primarily a spectacular, unbraked, carelessly brutal and technically refined action movie, whose creators show a lot of creativity. Especially in duel scenes. Although Mikołaj has a few magic tricks up his sleeve, he uses very mundane tricks to eliminate opponents. There are icicles, Christmas lollipops, Christmas tree trinkets, ice skates and a hammer found by chance. Each of these items turns out to be an excellent weapon and a way to inventively start the on-screen carnage. Santa’s macabre performances are often accompanied by an unobvious musical background. Like “Christmas Time” by Bryan Adams during a demolition in a shed.

While Santa is Bruce Willis in this unusual Christmas story, little Trudy takes over the role of Kevin. Fascinated by the ingenuity of her film peer (the creators of “Wild Night” consciously refer to “Home Alone”), she decides to prepare equally ingenious ambushes for robbers. And at this very moment we have the opportunity to see what it would be like if a movie about Kevin got the highest age rating. Marv and Harry can talk about a lot of happiness. A confrontation with Santa’s little helper from “Wild Night” could end up much worse for burglars than a scar from an iron or a burnt haircut.

Naughty cinema, good fun

“Wild Night”, apart from a cannonade of fights and a festival of incorrigible humor, does not forget to emphasize the magic of Christmas (however it sounds in the case of a production in which blood flows in streams and various parts of the body fly in the air). We have here the theme of family reconciliation, the essence of making children’s dreams come true, and even a discussion on the contemporary role of St. Santa. In fact, the creators of the film weave into the plot even the genesis of an old man giving gifts (very non-standard, and thus interesting, but a little too poorly developed). The family dimension, although necessarily with a grain of salt, also has the finale of this remarkable story, although it is precisely until the end that one could submit the most comments here. Too few fireworks for such a crazy vision of movie holidays.

The absolute firecracker, on the other hand, is launched by David Harbour, who immediately wins the sympathy of the viewers in the role of bitter and rough, and at the same time good-natured tough guys. His Santa is just as believable when he demolishes villains as when he opens up to little Trudy and confides his worries to the girl. There is something about this actor that makes him likeable from the first scene, regardless of the creation. A bull’s-eye and proof that Harbor feels like a fish in water in a cinema combining action with humor. By the way, you can only complain a bit that he did not hit a worthy opponent in “Wild Night”. The main villain is a more sadistic version of Harry from the Kevin movies.

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Of course, serving Tommy Wirkola’s film at the Christmas table would result in indigestion of all family members and traumatizing its youngest members. In this case, Kevin or Harry Potter will still be a safer choice. However, if we can afford a bit of Christmas madness among adults, we will watch “Wild Night” with equally wild pleasure. Such a breath of fresh air in productions set in the realities of Christmas has not been seen for a long time. Great fun for those who like naughty cinema, although it’s better not to admit it in a letter to Santa, because it’s not worth having a hard time with this particular saint.

RATING: 8/10

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