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Weapon art and features are released: Become the strongest trapper

To survive on the terrible environment and crisis-ridden planet “Trus”, the most indispensable thing is to have powerful and familiar weapons! The official release of a variety of heavy artillery weapons art maps today, players can choose the most suitable weapons in advance, and become the strongest trapper in the wilderness in the future!

【Heavy Shotgun】

Three types of ammunition can be replaced for battle. Once the ammunition is changed, its attack skills will also be changed. For example, “general ammunition” will have a mine-like effect, which is conducive to mid-range combat; “burst ammunition” can reach the power of strafing ; And “grenade” is a bombing range attack, the only thing to be aware of is that you can’t move and shoot while bombing. And using “manual reload” when the monster is attacking will enter the ammunition enhancement state, and the trappers come and experience this super cool weapon!

【Sword Pole Shield】

“Sword and Shield” is a weapon that consumes energy during defense, and fights based on the level of defense value energy. Whenever the defense is successful, the weapon value will be increased, and the attack skills will also display the special skills of each stage according to the weapon class. If you can successfully fight a monster with an accurate timing grid, the “status skill” will be activated, and different status skills will appear according to different weapon classes. It is a weapon that requires a higher level of operation technology.

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【Impact mallet】

Attack hits will accumulate “reload value”, and “reload value” can load up to 4 ammunition per round, “attack skill” consumes 2 ammunition for 2 rounds, and each time the other skills are used, 1 ammunition will be consumed . When the “load value” is full, the “status skills” can be activated. If you perform a “strike attack”, you can get an increase in attack power, and a “strike attack” can greatly increase your movement speed. A number of exclusive skills will wait for the use of the “impact hammer” The trappers come to discover!

【Double Knife】

When the double knife hits the attack, the weapon energy can be accumulated, and the conversion of the form will continue to consume energy. For normal attacks, you can use “Flurry Skills”, and for non-normal attacks, you can switch to “Dashing Skills”. It is a highly dexterous weapon suitable for mobile trappers with strong agility!

【Burst Sword】

The blasting sword can accumulate its energy value when the Combo attack hits, and when the “enhanced energy” reaches two-thirds, it can enter the “enhanced state”, which can show the impact damage of the blasting sword and eliminate all obstacles in front of you!


The state skill of the spear is slightly different from other weapons. It can be used directly without accumulating energy value, but there is a limit on the number of times: the first state skill is remote shooting, and the number of times it is used is 3 times; and the second state In addition to attacks, the skills can also increase the attack power and movement speed of our team and teammates in the range!

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