Will Greninja star in the next Scarlet and Purple event?

The events of Teraincursiones they are giving a lot of life to Pokemon Scarlet and Purple. Thanks to them we can capture Pokémon that are not available in the Paldea region. It has now been confirmed that there will be a Teraincursions new event seven stars for him January 27, 2023. However, in The Pokémon Company They have not said which Pokémon will be the protagonist of said event and the only clue they have given is that will have a Venom Teratype. There are certain aspects that can make us suspect that it is Greninja. The announcement has been made with the publication of the following image:

Taking into account some things from the previous events, it is possible to draw clear conclusions that suggest that it is Greninja. We remind you that to participate in the events of Teraincursiones you need to have a subscription to Nintendo Switch Online. Without a doubt, speculating with the idea of ​​​​what Pokémon it could be is also part of the grace of this event.

Will Greninja be in the Teraids of Pokémon Scarlet and Purple?

For starters, some of the previous Pokémon were not present in Paldea, such as Charizard or Cinderace. So it can be assumed that this may not be either. And this is more likely to be the case because the Pokémon has not been announced. Therefore, it is understood that the intention is to surprise the players with its appearance, something that would not be the case if it were a Pokémon that was already present in Paldea.


Besides, Greninja It is one of the most beloved Pokémon in the franchise, as is Charizard, for example. Many players have asked for it to come out in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple. Charizard and Cinderace possessed moves of the same type as their Teratype. Even though Greninja Whether it’s a Water or Dark type, it can learn two Poison moves per TM: toxic barbs y goo shooter. Perhaps this argument does not sound very convincing, but if one takes into consideration that the Teratype of Charizard y Cinderace it gave them at least one resistance against an attack that they were weak from with their original type, things change.

Greninja it is weak to Bug, Electric, Fairy, Fighting and Grass. However, with a Poison Teratype it would be resistant to Bug, Fairy, Grass, Fighting and Poison, coinciding with four weak ones that it has Greninja. If this were the case, there would be two Poison-type moves it could use: goo shooter with power 120 and precision 80 and toxic barbs, a poisonous trap that is placed in the opponent’s field. It is highly recommended to use thick boots as an equipped item to prevent this from dealing damage to it.

Charizard (Fire/Flying), on the other hand, is weak to Water and Electric, while his Dragon Teratype from the event was resistant to these same types. The same happens with Cinderace (Fire), being weak to Water, Rock, and Ground, his Teraid Fight Teratype was resistant to Rock-type moves.

The hidden ability of Greninja es mutatype, which allows you to switch types to the first move you used in combat. This is important because Cinderace which does the exact same thing under the name of Libero.

Also, Greninja It is the third evolution of one of the initial Pokémon of the saga, like Charizard y Cinderace.

What Scarlet and Purple Pokémon could serve up against him?

An excellent option to face him would be to use Slowbro (Water/Psychic) ​​because it is resistant to Water and because its Psychic-type attacks are effective against Poison. Among his movements it would be worth mentioning psych charge (Psychic) ​​with power 80 and precision 100 and Psychic with power 90 and precision 100. Although it is still too early to think about a Pokémon and its movements.

Pokemon Scarlet and Purple It was released on November 18, 2022 for Nintendo Switch. In nintenderos you have many other guides that can help you.

How would you like it to be Greninja at the next event Terraincursions of Scarlet and Purple Pokémon? Do you think it will show up? Are there any other Pokémon that you suspect they might be?

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