Will he send Marisa to the ‘Blue Chair’?

The level continues to rise in ‘El Rosco’ in the duels between Orestes and Marisa. This time, they even finished without fail, fighting for a pot that continues to grow and now reaches €1,048,000.

The start of the test already promised strong emotions. Orestes has made a streak of ten consecutive hits.

For her part, Marisa, who has been amazed by her rival, has replied by completing a first round of 20 letters in green. She has even been ahead of the man from Burgos, in an exciting pulse with an uncertain ending.

In the final stretch, the two have tied with 22 hits. Marisa has chosen to stand up and leave the outcome in the hands of her opponent. It was a risky decision… because Orestes knew one more answer!

The key is: will you risk it, in the absence of full security, or will you sign the tables? Relive the outcome of ‘El Rosco’ in the video!

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