Will Iran eventually release the hostage government?

The ambiguity of “Hezbollah” to confuse the consultations, as well as the distribution of roles between the covenant and his son-in-law, makes the task of President Najib Mikati not easy.

Al-Nahar wrote that if the countdown to two binding parliamentary consultations, tomorrow, suggests that its results are predetermined in favor of assigning President Najib Mikati to form the new government based on the presence of a parliamentary majority that supports his assignment, then this did not cancel or obscure, hours before the consultations, questions and negative possibilities. which should not be ignored.

At first, the position of the Free Patriotic Movement opposing Mikati’s assignment raises very suspicious questions about a clear role distribution, and again, between President Michel Aoun and his son-in-law, head of the Free Patriotic Movement, Gibran Bassil, about the behavior of dealing with Mikati, similar to what they had previously dealt with. With President Saad Hariri.

As Aoun resorted, in a press interview yesterday, to the flexible, soft and lenient language towards Mikati, in return for the Free Patriotic Movement’s launching of sharp personal and political attacks and accusations of corruption that addressed Mikati with assurances that the movement is heading to nominate Ambassador Nawaf Salam in the consultations. Of course, the current’s naming of Nawaf Salam comes from the reality of maneuvering, not the seriousness of his candidacy to make the “linking conflict” tight between the movement and Mikati and to prepare for new difficult rounds of arguments when Mikati begins the process of installing his government immediately after the assignment.

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The mystery of “Hezbollah”!

Moreover, the second factor that casts doubt on the deep climate on the eve of the two consultations is represented in this deliberate ambiguity by “Hezbollah”, whose ambiguity remains a pressure card on the climate of maturity until the last moment.

If the prevailing impressions confirm that the party supports or at least does not oppose the appointment of Mikati, then its deliberate delay in determining its position and keeping the matter within the limits of half the settled and the half unresolved leaves the big legitimate question permissible: Is it time for the party to release the government and, consequently, will Iran release the hostage government in end of the day ?

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Of course, the coming hours will be full of moves, positions, and detailed consultations to resolve the fate of Mikati’s assignment, which has a parliamentary majority without the votes of the two major Christian blocs, “Strong Lebanon” and “Strong Republic,” which announced that no candidate would be nominated.

Parliamentary blocs will hold meetings between today and tomorrow morning to determine the situation before going to consultations, while he mentioned that Mikati will meet upon his return to Beirut a number of political figures to consult with them, including the head of the Progressive Socialist Party Walid Jumblatt.

While waiting for the “Hezbollah” bloc to announce its position on Monday morning, information indicated that communication took place between “Hezbollah” and the head of the “current” Gibran Bassil, who informed the party not to name Mikati.

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