Will it be profitable to invest in bitcoin in the coming months?

Of course, Eastern philosophy tends to respond to many of the concerns and concerns that surround today’s society, which is currently immersed in an unknown situation as a consequence of the global pandemic that is causing the covid-19. It is clear that we are experiencing a crisis unprecedented and perhaps it is time to bring that statement so oriental that the word crisis is synonymous with opportunity, something that perhaps we can apply in a forceful way with bitcoin and investments in this type of virtual currencies (PUT_ANCHOR)

In recent years everything digital has had a growth that we can only qualify as a true revolution, and in this regard cryptocurrencies and, especially, bitcoin is the “flagship” in everything that has to do with finance and investments since what was a madness of some nuts has become an alternative bet that increasingly occupies more spaces in the portfolios of the main investors. In these investment packages, the weight of what we could qualify as “alternatives”, where virtual currencies are included, have grown strongly in such a way that from just 6% in 2003 this percentage has risen to 12% at the end of 2018.

This rise in the commitment to alternative investments, according to the authorized voices of the main economists, is the consequence of three main reasons: the first is the need to diversify them beyond the purchase of shares in the main companies; secondly, the improvements in returns that have grown strongly in recent campaigns, especially offering a significant degree of collection thereof; and, finally, income generation, since their profitability has grown strongly. Those same reference economists are the ones who have highlighted how investments that can be classified as alternatives, therefore bitcoin, are more resilient to market declines that, for example, have been appreciating since the beginning of the pandemic and, furthermore They are able to participate very actively in the general promotions that the economy may experience.

Here it is good to remember those pointed out in different articles from Fidelity Digital Assets “Bitcoin is unique because it democratizes access. While some investments restrict access, bitcoin does not discriminate by investor profile or geography. It has been accessible, public and open to anyone with a phone or computer and an Internet connection, since day one. ” There are many consultants who assure that the fundamental parameters of bitcoin are relatively shielded from the economic impact of the pandemic thanks to its status as a “digital native” compared to other values ​​that depend on profitability or production, there is even talk of them like a real “insurance policy”.

All this makes many sources trust that bitcoin will maintain an annualized base of 9% in the next three months

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