Will lifting subsidies solve the “queues” crisis… A shocking answer from the Praxes!

“Lebanon Debyte”

The queues of humiliation in front of the gas stations will not stop, and the Lebanese will not sleep well to wake up the next day and see that the queues have disappeared, except in one case, if the gas stations are closed completely.

Yes, there are seven steamers between petrol and diesel that have been given approval and will unload their cargo as of Friday, and the sector will be relatively relaxed, but this will not prevent queues in front of the stations because the black market is becoming more and more active, and the citizen, the caretaker and the refugee have become traders in this market.

A member of the Syndicate of Station Owners, George Brax, told “Lebanon Debate” that “the queues will continue due to the limited imported quantities that are not sufficient for the local markets.” The stations, as the companies insisted on selling to the stations in dollars and the stations selling in the Lebanese pound, then the problem is inevitably a reality.”

He explains that “raising the support should be accompanied by securing the dollar for imports, but that will not solve the problem completely because securing the dollar from the central bank means the continuation of import limitations and therefore the market will not suffice, so the queues may continue as well.”

He calls on “the new government to find a mechanism for fuel trade to end the problems that could result from any unthoughtful procedure.”

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