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So there will be an evaluation? As?
“This being a different year, the evaluation in basic education will be made in each school by the teachers who best know the whole of the educational path of each student, without tests of measurement, nor exams of the 9th year”, clarified the Prime Minister , arguing that nobody knows their students better than the teachers. It is they, says Costa, who can best take into account the specifics of the current academic year, knowing that not all students made the year on an equal footing, and can reward each student’s effort.

I heard that there would be administrative passes for all students. It is true?
There is no indication from the Government in this regard. “Evaluation means evaluation”, said Costa, “and evaluation allows retention”. That is, in cases where justified, the teacher may fail the student although this has never been the preferred alternative in the policies of the current Government.

And the telescope is coming back? As?
António Costa promised educational television content to help teachers in their distance learning work. It will not be a replica of the telescope of the 60s, 70s and 80s, not least because the contents – which will go on until the 9th year of schooling – will always be complementary “without replacing, the work that teachers have been keeping with their students”. The contents will be for all subjects, from the 1st, 2nd and 3rd cycle.

What day does the telescope start and on which channel?
On April 20, pedagogical content will begin to be transmitted on RTP Memória, “in order to have the most universal reach possible”, according to Costa, since the channel can be accessed via cable, satellite and DTT (digital terrestrial television), there is no need to re-tune the signal.

And who will create these pedagogical contents?
The Ministry of Education in partnership “with educational establishments and teachers”.

Will teachers have access to these lectures?
Nothing has been clarified on this matter. Mário Nogueira, leader of Fenprof, says that it would be important for teachers to have access to the content on television in advance so that they could organize their work with some time.

Are these television classes going to happen every day?
The teaching activities at RTP Memória will be transmitted from Monday to Friday and will be organized in blocks of two years, explained the Prime Minister. Thus, the day starts in the morning with the 1st and 2nd year and will end, in the afternoon, with the 9th year. The times at which the contents begin and end to be transmitted were not specified.

But my son and his cousin are in the same year and they are not always giving the same material. How will it be on television?
Due to the curricular and pedagogical autonomy of the schools, and even because some work in quarters and others in semesters, the contents are not always given at the same time of the year, and may vary depending on the educational establishment. “As a result of the autonomy of schools, the sequencing of subjects differs from school to school. We cannot take this into account in television broadcasting ”, argued António Costa, stressing that this offer“ is complementary, does not replace the work of teachers ”.

Will it be possible to advance in the matter?
During the last 15 days of the 2nd period, most schools bet on consolidating and revising the material. In the 3rd period, Costa guarantees that it will be to move forward, even with constraints. “It will continue learning,” he said, guaranteeing that “there will be no irreparable harm” for students.

Will the assessment tests (2nd, 5th and 8th year) be canceled or not?
All scouting tests will be canceled.

What about 9th grade exams?
They will also be canceled. Only the national exams that count as proof of admission to higher education, those of the 11th and 12th years are maintained.


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