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The NASA Space Agency will alert humanity in the event of an apocalypse approaching, even if it causes panic.

Anyone who loves to philosophize about the end of the world will eventually find this theoretical question: people should be warned of the apocalypse, which triggers panic and anarchy, or simply let the end come because it can not be anyway avoided?

Warning: the apocalypse is approaching

In the scientific channel of YouTube, Big Think is catching on Michelle Thaller, Deputy Director of Scientific Communications of the NASA, to comment. To the question "Would scientists warn us about the approaching apocalypse?" He says "The answer is yes".

NASA hunts the asteroids

the NASA Look for the sky every day asteroids and inform about it. If one is actually dangerous, the government, the population and the media are informed. "You should not worry until the scientists buy all the good wine, they will filter out their credit card and they will disappear," he jokes.

To prevent conspiracy theories that the US government would hold back such information, he says Thaller: "Heaven is there for everyone, there are telescopes all over the planet, it's impossible that it can be hidden, if it's a big one asteroid is on a collision course with the Earth. "However, it has already happened that NASA missed an asteroid.

Asteroids under the fire

Thaller he still says it NASA The methods studied and developed the course of a asteroids change, who is going to earth. There are several ideas for this. So could a survey the asteroids ram to distract him from the course. It should also be tested if a probe can fire a projectile to blow up the boulders. The changed mass of the asteroids then its rotation would change and then the course.

The historic Space Agency is on our side when it comes to the Apocalypse. But is it really so reliable? After all, NASA has in the past transferred these precious space objects. Perhaps the apocalypse is even closer than expected, because there is the risk of a collapse. Three large asteroids approach the Earth today.

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