Will Pakistan armed with nuclear weapons return to war with India?


Tthe neighbors face off and regularly exchange artillery fire along the control line. Both are also targeting nuclear weapons. In this stalemate any military action is fraught with terrible risks of escalation.

And other?

Pakistan has for decades been accused of supporting militants and rebels fighting Indian forces in Kashmir. Anti-India jihadist groups were allowed to live, recruit and raise funds freely in Pakistan, complains Delhi.

The reception of the militants by Pakistan has also overshadowed ties with the West, although Islamabad says it only provides moral support to Kashmir.

Can Pakistani militants trigger a new wave of attacks?

The move of India in Kashmir comes when Pakistan's relations with America seem to suddenly warm up. Imran Khan and the head of the army, General Qamar Javed Bajwa, were warmly welcomed in Washington by Donald Trump, desperate for Pakistani help to extricate themselves from Afghanistan.

American aid and commerce attracts attention, but Washington still wants Islamabad to take "irreversible" steps against militant groups on its territory. Yet, with influential hardline religious advocates, they are now looking for militants to unleash to lead jihad in Kashmir, which puts Pakistan "in an incredibly difficult position, particularly the military establishment and General Bajwa" said Dr. Shaikh.



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