Will Smith broke Jason Derulo’s ear with a drone –

After Hollywood actor Will Smith “lost his front teeth” after singer Jason Derulo hit him with the club in the mouth while they were playing golf, now it is the turn of the Take your dancing interpreter to suffer a similar episode .

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As we can see in a video that the actor uploaded to his Instagram account, the artists were in a garden when Will Smith is about to fly a drone with a remote control to record Jason Derulo from above. However, the actor cannot control the device well and ends up heading towards the singer’s head until he accidentally “cuts off an ear.”

Jason Derulo starts to scream and Will Smith to calm him down says “don’t touch her, don’t touch her”, but Derulo ends up picking up his ear from the grass with his hands without believing what was happening and the actor throwing the remote and running away from the situation.

It goes without saying that Derulo continues to have his ear in place and that the funny scene is about a new joke by the artists, with montage included, which has only caused smiles among his followers on social networks.

In fact, the video has gone viral on Instagram and millions are the reproductions it has on the profile of the protagonist of the movie Bad Boys.

It seems that Jason Derulo and Will Smith have taken a liking to making their fans laugh with their occurrences because, in addition to the two videos mentioned above, they participated in another nice audiovisual in which the singer steals a camera from the actor. his house because he blames him that he has “more followers than him.”

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