Will Smith relives iconic scenes from ‘The Prince of Rap’

On November 19, HBO Max premiered a special program where the entire cast of one of the most successful series in television history met, we refer to ‘The Prince of Rap’, and as part of the celebration the protagonist From this production Will Smith relived some of the most famous scenes in this story.

It was through the social networks where Will Smith shared a series of videos that recreate the scenes from ‘The Prince of Rap’. In the first clip you can see how the Smith and Joseph Marcell, actor who gave life to the courteous Geoffrey, relive the sequence in which the protagonist places straws on his nose to make a joke on the popular butler of the Banks family.

In other videos the protagonist of the series recreates the moment in which Will tries to turn off a small fire in the kitchen of the Banks mansion, after he tried to cook. It is worth mentioning that Smith shared one more video that does not relive a scene, but does show the two Vivian aunts who were part of the series, it must be remembered that this character was played by different actors.

The HBO Max Reunion

There is no doubt that this meeting has made most of the public nostalgic for the nineties, because this special shows Will Smith accompanied by Daphne Maxwell Reid, Karyn Parsons, Alfonso Ribeiro, Joseph Marcell, Tatyana Ali and DJ Jazzy, who played Aunt Vivian number 2, Hilary, Carlton, Geoffrey, Ashley and Jazz, respectively.

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In addition, the special shows how the cast members are surprised by the arrival of the actress. Janet Hubert, who was the one who gave life during the first three seasons of ‘The Prince of Rap’ to Aunt Vivian, but, who left the show due to the differences she had with the protagonist.

The meeting took place in a set that perfectly recreates the emblematic room of the Banks mansion, where the cast share funny anecdotes together while filming the iconic series, also, emotional moments are shown, since the cast remembers James Avery, actor who played the beloved uncle phil, and unfortunately lost his life in 2013.


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