Will Smith’s 20-year-old daughter Willow suffers from anxiety attacks

The Pinkett-Smith family has been characterized by heartfelt family discussions about the various personal issues they have faced during the two-year course at the helm of the matriarch-led program, Red Table Talk.

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Now the youngest in the house, Willow, who sat at the popular red table to discuss her mental health issues

The 20-year-old has wanted to explain what it means to her to suffer from anxiety and how she deals with this matter, since according to what she explains in her own words, She has been forced many times to take refuge in a kind of “shell” when she is overwhelmed by a series of feelings such as shame, guilt and sadness.

This was explained in front of the cameras under the watchful eyes of his mother and grandmother. “Four days ago I began to experience anxiety so acute that it prevented me from speaking. It’s not even something you want to talk about because it seems like you’re crazy and you don’t want others to think about it too, so in the end you decide that it’s better not to say anything about it, ”he said.

The emotional conflict caused by this type of anguish led her to shave her hair and thus attract the attention of her parents, who did not hesitate to take action on it.

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