If we had trouble getting used to confinement, what will happen on May 11, when we can get out again when the danger is not gone? Will the French succeed in rubbing shoulders and mixing as before, especially in transport and public places, where will they develop an agoraphobia linked to Covid-19?

The risk to “develop contamination phobias”

Even if the majority of the population waits impatiently for the containment to be lifted, it is quite possible that some people are already anticipating difficulties and imagine avoiding a certain number of actions or displacements with the fear of be contaminated ”, explains on BFMTV doctor Florian Ferreri, psychiatrist at Saint-Antoine Hospital (AP-HP). According to him, the risk when the containment is lifted is “find avoidance behaviors (…) that is, to avoid crowded places or activities and to develop contamination phobias. ”

If confinement weighs on the French, it has guaranteed them for some weeks a certain form of security. Indeed, according to researchers from the Institut Pasteur and the CNRS, in collaboration with Santé publique France, the confinement had a “significant and positive impact” on the transmission of the virus in the population, resulting in a decrease in the number of transmissions. 84%. However, our current level of immunity is “far below the level necessary to avoid a second wave if all control measures were to be lifted ”, they qualify.

An increase of 5-10% avoidance?

Will the French therefore feel safe when they come out again when the virus continues to spread and there is still no vaccine to protect themselves from it? “Studies from Asia show between 5-10% of avoidance behavior. The deconfinement can make appear or reappear all the fears related to a potential contamination, to the crowd, and all the stressful elements of the daily life ”, specifies doctor Florian Ferreri.

According to his expertise, he advises “to anticipate and to have correct information in relation to the imagined risk, not to dodge the situations that one apprehends. Even if it may seem very difficult at the beginning, the fact of reexposing gradually will allow people to resume their rhythm and overcome their fears ”. Finally, the doctor recalls that he “accept that you can’t be in a safe environment. ”

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