Will the government spend tens of billions of zlotys on subsidies in a non-target way?

The government’s introduction of a carbon additive only for households that use this type of fuel shows that the government is very reactive. Takes action in response to events that arise. He does not act actively before they happen, does not take the initiative, does not prepare action plans. What next in the case of increases in the prices of electricity, natural gas, LPG or biomass?

– We will all pay a lot more this year for heating and energyand if the government tries to pay extra for everyone in such a way as to subsidize households that burn with coal, the government will spend tens of billions of zlotys from the state budget, which absolutely misses the point, because at the same time the costs of handling the subsidies will be even greater than these subsidies – says Bartłomiej Derski, WysokieNapiecie.pl expert.

The government should focus on farms at risk of energy poverty, and therefore allocating more than 10 percent. their heating income, no matter what they use to heat their home. The number of such households will probably increase from 2 to 3 million this year.

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– We also paid extra to those households that are wealthy and can afford to buy more expensive fuel, and at the same time hundreds of thousands of households that were heated by network heat or biomass were overlooked – comments the expert of WysokieNapiecie.pl. – The government should create a support system for energy poor households.

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