Will there be fraud in Nuestra Belleza Latina?


Sirey Morán fans fear that their candidate will not win the contest

It is no secret to anyone that beauty pageants unleash all kinds of passions among the candidates’ followers, and with just a few hours left until the final gala of Our Latin Beauty, rumors of alleged fraud against Sirey Morán.

In the midst of the anxiety that it has generated the final chapter of the reality show of Univisión, some of the most dedicated fans of the Honduran beauty, who do not give credit that the winner of the contest could be another of the 4 finalists different from the Central American, assure that if the ruling does not benefit Sirey, it is because there was some kind of cheat.

And it was precisely a video shared by the Nuestra Belleza Latina account on Instagram, in which Sirey Morán looks somewhat sad and with little spirit, compared to Fabién de la Concepción, Génesis Suero and Lupita Valero

Immediately the clip generated a tsunami of comments from fans who lit the fuse with hints of a possible fraud, and the most passionate went further and even affirmed that very surely Sirey already found out that he is not going to win the contest, which is why why I would be low in spirits.

It should be noted that all these types of comments are no more than mere speculation by some users, since the final result will only be known this Sunday.

“I SEE SIREY VERY SAD, I FEEL THAT THERE WILL BE FRAUD, MY BROTHERS,” said a Sirey fan, causing another fan to respond with the same harshness, saying: “I look at Sirey very sad 🙄🙄🙄 as you already know or already They said ‘this is the one that is going to win’, and as before entering there they make a contract so that they do not speak ”.

“Don’t play with Honduras and Central America again! It is more than clear that by votes Sirey wins “,” If @sireymoran does not win it is because they cheated … since she is the favorite and most voted by the public, be upright and impartial @nuestrabellezalatina 🙌🇭🇳 “, and” Let’s go @sireymoran that crown is yours @nuestrabellezalatina and if they steal it from you it would be a shameless robbery because you are the most supported, “commented other fans who warned not to believe that another of the finalists deserves the crown more than Sirey.

The echoes of an alleged frade became bigger and with all kinds of messages and comments, Sirey’s fans warned not to support any other decision that did not benefit their candidate, although it should be noted that the public has the last word, and the support they are very divided among all the girls.

“Win @sireymoran !!! If not, it is a total fraud 😢 !! You have to be honest! ”,“ I am Dominican and the crown must go to Honduras 🇭🇳. Enough of Univision fraud, “other fans of the Honduran said.

But amid the unfounded rumors of fraud, other voices of supporters of Lupita, Génesis and Fabién, called for calm and to wait patiently for the results of the final, warning that any of the 4 contestants has everything to be Nuestra Belleza Latina .

“Anyone can win and it is well deserved. But to be honest, the one that shines the most is lupitaaaaaaa 🇲🇽✨👑👑👑👑✨⭐️ and that’s already hers, a gift from heaven, because she will take him wherever he goes and whatever he does. We love you lupitaaaaaaa ❤️🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲 🇽 ”, commented another NBL fan, who supports the Mexican.

“Lupita or Génesis… there is charisma and humility 🇩🇴🇩🇴🇲🇽🇲🇽”, another follower mentioned, while two others said: “Fabién is the best” and “let’s not attack the girls. The four of them have done it wonderful and whoever wins represents Latin women very well ”.

Tell us what you think of the heated spirits that have been beginning to grow in networks before the finale of Nuestra Belleza Latina.


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