Will try out alternatives to the exam. – Exam is a bad assessment method

Many believe that exams are an outdated way of measuring students’ competence. The Directorate of Education will now try out new forms of assessment.

Amanda Lang, Tuva Louise Enger and Mina Trygg are graduating students at Kongshavn upper secondary school. They believe that exams can well be replaced by a completely different way of assessing students’ competence.

28. mars 2022 10:32

Last updated yesterday 12:44

– I think exams are a bad assessment. If you have a bad day just at the exam, it can have a negative effect on your diploma and your future plans. Besides, we do not get to show the breadth of what we have learned in one exam day, says Tuva Louise Enger (18).

She is a graduating student at Kongshavn school and will not graduate this year. Classmates Amanda Lang (18) and Mina Trygg (18) are also happy that the exam has been canceled. They believe that in the future it should be replaced by another form of assessment.

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