“Wim, what the hell are you doing here?” Bob Dylan asked me


For film director Wim Wenders, Dylan's music was an initiation. A conversation about the irreplaceable end of youth, shared beers behind the scenes and Dylan's impact on his films. Baël (t) Joan (t) Richards (t) Keith (t) King (t) Martin Luther (1929-1968) (t) Aust-Stefan (t) Dylan (t) Bob (t) Scholz Martin (t) Jagger (t) Mick (t) The Rolling Stones (t) Wenders (t) Wim (t) Theme Time Radio Hour (t) Bob Dylan (t) Track WORLD (t) Rolling Stone (t) Mick Jagger (t) All Along The Watchtower (t) Music (t) Hollywood (t) Marlene Dietrich (t) Music (t) Wim Wenders


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