Winamp is back with a new player

The legendary Winamp vintage software, star of the 2000s, has been the subject of a new update since July 29. Something to bring back the memories and nostalgia of some.

More than twenty years ago, the music software Winamp was born, quickly becoming a must: at the time of the rise of MP3s, it made it possible to download music from (almost) any format. Free, with an exuberant aesthetic, it was the star music player of the 2000s. You could observe the music come alive in rhythm in a graphic way with personalized “skins”. And above all, pirate all the music you wanted, for lack of an appropriate legal offer. This came later, with Spotify, Deezer, iTunes… Since then, the use of MP3 files has obviously been lost.

Will rebooting Winamp revive the desire to rediscover the joys of MP3? Since July 29, 2022, the vintage software has received a new update for its media player: Winamp 5.9. The first since 2013, more than 8 years.

For the nostalgic curious

No novelty has however been cited by the developers of Winamp. It is essentially invisible improvements that have been made: only the code has been modernized. What success could this have? It will certainly arouse the nostalgic curiosity of thirties and forties or quite simply that of people looking for a more direct connection with the music they consume. A resurrection, therefore, but not a revolution.

To test this version 5.9, you can go on the dedicated forum topic.

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