Window on the world / health: symptoms of dry mouth and ways to alleviate them

Window on the world – word "African Nafh" always express the problem of dry mouth, which is one of the symptoms resulting from lack of saliva, people who suffer from dry mouth are not sufficient to maintain the moisture in the mouth, the which translates into different signs of illness and Basically, there are reasons to treat them, and here we provide you with many details about the symptoms of dry mouth and ways to alleviate it in simple ways, according to the "medicalnewstoday" medical website.

Dry mouth

Symptoms of dry mouth

• Lipitis.

• The skin is divided at the corners of the mouth or becomes painful

• taste disturbances

• Fungal infections in the mouth like castles

• Pain in the tongue

• Increase the need to drink water, especially at night

• inflammation and ulcers of the tongue

• periodontal disease

• Problems with swallowing and chewing, especially dry and fragmented foods, such as biscuits.

• Problems with the prosthesis and dental wounds.

• Inflammation of the salivary glands

• sore throat

• Glutinous and little saliva

Causes of dry mouth

– Drugs: many over-the-counter medications cause dry mouth, including antihistamines, antidepressants, high blood pressure medications, antidepressants, muscle relaxants, some Parkinson's and a number of antidepressants.

– Age: although dry mouth is not a natural part of aging, but older people tend to take drugs more than the rest of the age, and as a result of many drugs referred by the elderly it presents dry mouth .

– Cancer treatment: Radiotherapy in the head and neck can damage the salivary glands, resulting in lower saliva production. Chemotherapy can also change the nature of saliva and the amount of body it produces.

Injury or surgery: can damage the nerves in the head and neck area, causing dry mouth.

– Tobacco: smoking increases the risk of dry mouth symptoms.

Drought: it is caused by insufficient liquid.

Exercise or play hot: the salivary glands can become dry where body fluids are concentrated elsewhere in the body.

Causes of dry mouth

– Anxiety disorders

– Depression


– Parkinson's disease

– Diabetes

Sleep with your mouth open

– Snoring

– Stroke and Alzheimer's disease

Treatment of dry mouth and ways to alleviate

– Drink non-invasive liquids and without sugar

– Avoid the mouthwashes containing alcohol

– Do not wear the prosthesis during sleep.

– Eat foods like carrots or celery

Breathe through the nose, as this does not dry the mouth as much as breathing through the mouth.

– Keep the humidity in the bedroom, which can help reduce the symptoms of dry mouth that occur during sleep.

Avoid these things:

Tobacco smoke

– acidic foods or drinks

– dry foods

– hot food

– Hot or excessively cold drinks


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