Windows 10 19H2: Microsoft is testing delivery via Windows Update


Microsoft yesterday started distributing new Windows Insider previews for the 19H2 development branch. Interesting: the update now begins with the new delivery approach, which the Windows team uses from the next version of Windows 10.

In the future, feature updates like the upcoming Windows 10 Fall 19H2 update should also be provided as a normal patch. The process should therefore not differ significantly from a cumulative update. Furthermore, Microsoft does not want to enable all new features by default with the leaps of the upcoming version. This "limited" distribution plan is now being tested.

It is not the last test build

As head of Windows Insider, Dona Sarkar im Windows Blog talks about it, we start with the distribution of the build with the number 18363.327 in the version preview ring. However, as Sarkar later pushed, although Microsoft is already testing the release preview ring at the end of August, this does not mean that the Windows team has already completed development. So you want to bring out many other versions of insiders. Therefore, a first version of September seems unlikely, however many things speak in favor of the beginning of October, just like the update of last year's features.

A first part of the users who have registered for the preview of the release ring now get the upgrade to 18363.327.

Ten percent can upload the update

According to Sarkar, a small subset of insiders (about ten percent) in the Release Preview Ring has been enabled to search for an update now. When these experts go to Settings> Update and Security> Windows Update, they see that this is an update to Windows 10, version 1909. If it appears, you can download it on demand and install it on your PC.

Although it is a higher version number than the one previously tested in the Insider program (18362), the update does not release all the features previously tested. This will happen gradually in the coming weeks, as announced by Microsoft and how it will be managed in the future for all feature updates.

At first glance, this seems a bit complicated, but it should make it easier for Microsoft. In the event that a new feature is defective, it will simply not be released without Microsoft having to interrupt the entire update of features, which, as we all know, is repeated several times in the past.

Due to the change with the different functional status no change is currently possible between the internal wrestling, it continues in the Windows blog. You will inform the experts if you can make another change.

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