Windows 10 build 18965 for Fast Ring: Microsoft offers new features


After exceeding the normal Fast-Ring supply pace with a release last Friday, Microsoft is returning to its proven pace: Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 18965 is now available to Fast Ring insiders. But a little time between publications also means that only some new features are included.

An innovation that completely restarts the app restart

In the last week, it was only Friday for Insider Tester in the Fast Ring with Build 18963, this week, the group ruined the numbering only slightly and delivered with Build 18965 consequently a rather short list of innovations. In fact, Microsoft lists in the so-called Flight hub Any changes made to new builds – oddly enough, Microsoft mentions this week, but has not yet completed the build. A look at the adjustments shows that many users this week will probably notice a feature above all else.
Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 18965New options for restarting the app

For example, Microsoft has added options in settings that allow you to control apps during login or logout or reboot. Already, the apps had the chance to register for a reboot, so to speak, to make it easier for users to "start where they left off when a reboot is needed," said Microsoft. Previously, this feature was included in the access options in the Account Settings. However, many users have received feedback that it would be desirable to have better control over the behavior of Windows when restarting apps. "With 20H1 we provide this option", say the developers.

More control

Made with the new "App restart settings" setting option. If this option is activated, Windows will restart all the apps that access, log off, restart or stop at the next logon. In the default state this function is disabled and can be changed at any time in "Settings> Account> Access options" – alternatively you will find the setting with the search for "Restart app".

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