Technology Windows 10, many new features coming to computers: here...

Windows 10, many new features coming to computers: here are what they are

Windows 10 20H2 is the update that Microsoft is expected to release for the operating system in November. This is the second core update of the year, after that issued to May. Initially it was thought that it could be a simple service update, with few substantial changes and with many patches for the problems that came out in recent months. But it will most likely not be the case. Microsoft, in fact, is releasing in the Windows 10 beta version many very interesting news that should debut in November.

We have already talked enough about the most important: we are referring to new Start menu with new colors and new icons. But the functions don’t stop there, because the developers intend to improve other aspects of the operating system as well, starting with the management of multitasking. Just this functionality will see a big change, with users being able to press a single button for directly open a Microsoft Edge tab. And the browser will be the protagonist of another novelty: Microsoft Edge will become the default browser. Here’s how it will change Windows 10 with the November 2020 Update.

Windows 10, how the Start menu changes

We have talked about it several times and Microsoft has already shown what the new Start menu. The revolution in the design of the operating system will start from the central and most used element. The new Start menu responds to the dictates of Fluent Design and has softer colors than in the past, especially as regards the Live Tiles. In addition, the icons of some popular apps will also change, such as Calculator and Mail.

Windows 10, improve multitasking

One of the novelties concerns the multitasking and the more and more central role than Edge will have on Windows 10. With the November update comes a change that may seem trivial, but it is not at all: pressing the ALT + TAB keys, in addition to all the open programs, also the Edge, one by one. In this way, it will be much easier and more immediate for the user to navigate from a program to a specific browser tab.

Still with regard to Microsoft’s browser, two other new features will be available: faster access to all favorite sites and Edge will be the default browser for Windows 10.

Greater customization of the taskbar

Microsoft is also working to make it even more customizable Windows 10 taskbar. The operating system will remove all bloatware apps and allow users to add only the apps they really use and need immediate access to.



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