Windows 11 currently has 21% market share among Steam gamers

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Valve has released the results of its latest Steam survey, revealing new details about software and hardware preferences among customers. According to the June 2022 report, Windows 11 has crossed the 20% mark to reach a market share of 21.23% (+1.64%). Steam’s data is similar to a recent report from AdDuplex, which claimed Windows 11 had a 23% share of the Windows market.

Windows 11’s growth is inversely proportional to Windows 10’s decline. Windows 10, a seven-year-old operating system has a 71.26% (-2.63%) market share. Despite the constant loss of users, Windows 10 is still (and will continue to be) the most popular choice on Steam, at least for a while.

64-bit Windows 7 is the third most popular OS on Steam, but with a share of only 3.01% (+0.6%).

Overall, Windows accounted for 96.37% of Steam users (-0.31%), Apple’s macOS came in second with 2.45% (+0.25%) and Linux came in third with 1.18% (+0.06 %).

Speaking of hardware, nothing has changed since May 2022. Here are the most popular PC components on Steam:

CPU: 4-core CPU, clocked from 2.3 to 2.69GHz. Intel accounted for 68.47% (-1.28%) and AMD had 31.51% (+1.29%).

GPU: NVIDIA has 75.86%, AMD has 14.80%, and Intel maintains 9.11%. The most popular graphics cards are the NVIDIA GTX 1060, NVIDIA GTX 1650, and NVIDIA GTX 1050 Ti.

RAM: 16GB.

Video memory: 8 GB

Main display: 1920 x 1080.

VR: Oculus Quest has 49.02% (+1.03%), Valve Index has 15.57% (-0.22%), and Oculus Rift has 10.60% (-0.35%), ranking third.

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