Windows 11 gets richer, find out everything about Teams Chat!

Windows 11 is enriched with a new communication feature with the arrival of Teams Chat. It allows you to quickly connect with friends and family, using Microsoft Teams.

During the official presentation of Windows 11, Microsoft announced it. The Teams Chat app is deployed through the Windows Insider program on Windows 11 PCs.

Windows 11 and the Teams Chat app

Windows 11 and the Teams Chat app

A new icon appears in the taskbar. The goal is to offer a native video conferencing and chat solution. Communication is assured with any other device where Microsoft Teams is installed. It ranges from a desktop PC to a mobile via a simple web browser.

The deployment is gradual. Clearly the application is appearing in stages. It is the same for its functionalities. In this first Preview, it is possible to connect, add contacts and connect through individual and group chats. In the coming weeks, audio and video calling will be possible as well as meetings, screen sharing and much more. It is important to stress that the installation of this new feature requires a restart of the PC for the changes to take effect.

Windows 11 and Teams Chat

Launching comes down to a simple click on the “chat” icon. There is also a keyboard shortcut, WIN + C. At a glance, it is possible to see the most recent individual and group conversations while being able to answer or start a new conversation or call.

Teams Chat, call notification

If a person makes contact, a notification appears. It allows you to respond. There are also options to accept or decline calls and to choose between taking audio or video.

Microsoft explains that adding contacts can be done through an email address or a phone number.

“You won’t need to ask your friends and family for special codes to connect with them. Just send a message to their email address or phone number and if they’re not already using Teams, they’ll receive your message via email or text with an invitation to join the Teams network if they want to. . ”

Windows 11 and the Teams Chat app

If you have used Skype or Outlook with a Microsoft account, it is possible to synchronize contacts. It is the same with the contacts of a smartphone. It is necessary to install the Teams mobile app and activate synchronization. To invite other people to a group chat or a video call the operation is just a link. You just have to send it or share it by email, it doesn’t matter if Teams is installed or not.

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The experience is designed to take advantage of the multitasking features of Windows 11 for richer communications. It is planned to share the screen or any window, allow copy and paste on different applications in conversations and meetings or even drag and drop to share photos, videos and other files instantly with other people.

Windows 11 and the Teams Chat app

Finally, this first Preview comes with some limitations. The experience is only available in English (US) at this time. Offline mode is not supported. Not all features are available yet. They will be offered gradually in the coming weeks.

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