Windows 11, Microsoft publishes the first ISO 2022

Microsoft has just released new Windows 11 ISO images. They are coming as part of the Windows Insiders program.

These ISOs offer the installation from scratch of Windows 11 build 22533. They are welcome because they allow you to install the operating system without going through an update of the existing one.

Windows 11 build 22533 has just been released. The OS is offered to PCs registered on the DEV channel. We will come back in detail on its novelties but here are the most striking facts

Windows 11 build 22533, what’s new.

We are under the Windows Insider program. Windows 11 build 22533 cannot therefore be considered a reliable operating system that can take place on a production PC. Microsoft releases it for testing only. Note that ISOs also allow installation via a virtual machine.

The most noticeable change is to the flyout menu. It benefits from adjustments to align with the look and design of the desktop. Microsoft explains

“We’ve updated the flyout design for hardware indicators for brightness, volume, camera privacy, camera on/off, and airplane mode. The goal is to align with the design principles of Windows 11. These new flyout menus will appear when you press the volume or brightness keys on your laptop and will respect light/dark mode to give you a more Windows experience. coherent. Brightness and volume indicators continue to be interactive with the update.”

On the other hand, the “Widgets” encounter several known problems and without solution for the moment.

“Changing the taskbar alignment may cause the Widgets button to disappear. When you have multiple monitors, the content of widgets in the taskbar may not be synchronized between monitors. When the taskbar is aligned to the left, information such as temperature is not displayed. This will be fixed in a future update.”

You can find these new ISO images here.

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